AMLT UPDATE: Onboarding of 1st Community Network Member + Beta Tests
AMLT UPDATE: Onboarding of 1st Community Network Member + Beta Tests

AMLT UPDATE: Onboarding of 1st Community Network Member + Beta Tests

Hello AMLT Network and community. Keeping on pace with our Short Term Roadmap we’re giving you an update on the private onboarding of our 1st Community Network Member as well as beta tests of the AMLT Panel and Widget. Although we won’t publicly show us onboarding our 1st Community Network Member due to their privacy (We will announce the Community NM over the next couple days), below we’ve documented for you the process of becoming a Network Member. Note, some aspects of Panel UI, UX, process and functionalities may change to provide the best solution and experience. 

Becoming an Network Member - Steps

Once on the Panel the user is reminded of their Network Membership status at the top bar at all times until completed (Network Membership not required to submit data into Network). After clicking Become a Network Member it officially begins the Network Membership onboarding process. 👇
After a short description the incoming Network Member is prompted to proceed to the KYC form. 👇
The incoming Network Member is given a unique link to their form. 👇
The incoming Network Member needs to pick between being onboarded as an individual or as a Corporate/Commercial user. Below we included a short video of the form being filled out and submitted. 👇
Once submitted notice the Network Member status bar at the top. At this point the KYC needs to be reviewed and approved by the Coinfirm team. 👇
In the Network Member status bar at the top we can see the KYC has been accepted. 👇
Now the user needs fulfill the second step of becoming a Network Member which is to register an address with at least 50k AMLT tokens. (This part of the process can be completed while the KYC is still pending). 👇
7 step.jpeg
The user submits the address that holds their AMLT and marks it appropriately under address type. For providing their address as well as any other address of theirs, Network Members also receive AMLT and can potentially have their risk rating lowered. 👇
Once the AMLT address with 50k or more AMLT is registered, the platform automatically recognizes the amount on it and approves the Network Member. Now, the user has full access to the Network Member panel and benefits. If a Network Member provided data before becoming a Network Member, they will be rewarded for it as long as it’s under the same user profile and during the same month.

As you can see we’re creating as seamless of a process for onboarding Network Members both private and commercial as possible so that scalability and true functionality is achievable. We also ran some final tests around the Panel and found some aspects we believe we could improve on before launch. The AMLT and Coinfirm team is constantly working to provide the best quality experience and solution possible.

If you're interested in partnering with Coinfirm or become a AMLT Network Member then contact us!

Thank you for your continued support and make sure to follow all of our latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram Community.

The AMLT Team
About AMLT
AMLT is the token for the AMLT Network and Coinfirm AML/KYC Platform. The first solution allowing the global economy to provide data to fight ransomware, hacking, malware and other online fraud and scams touching the cryptocurrency economy. In return for valid data provided, AMLT Network Members are rewarded in AMLT that can then be used in various ways. Created by Coinfirm, a global leader in regtech for blockchain and cryptocurrency, AMLT not only creates the first system where entities can report addresses and evidence tied to nefarious actors in the economy, but AMLT token can be used for discounted services on the Coinfirm AML/KYC Platform that is already servicing countless ICOs and over 100 companies in both the cryptocurrency and traditional spaces. Network Members also receive privileged access to Coinfirm products such as our tools and panels, the AMLT knowledge pool with exclusive content and materials as well as additional benefits and features, helping them limit exposure to risk and increase transparency for themselves, their clients and the entire digital economy.
Coinfirm: A Top Blockchain and Regtech Company

Coinfirm: A Top Blockchain and Regtech Company

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